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TechTalk: installing a transport system in Poland

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Some projects simply take a little longer to complete than others. A great example of one of those projects is the installation of a transport system in Poland, which we have been working on recently. Just when we wanted to travel to Poland to install the complete system, the Coronavirus arrived in Europe and caused us to postpone our activities. Now – half a year later – we finally gave the finishing touch to the project.

February 2020: in cooperation with JeLu automatisering and Machinery Service Verhoosel, Rodatech is busy with the preliminary work for the installation of a large transport system in Poland. Within a few weeks, the system will be installed in a leather factory where leather is made from raw cowhides. Normally, it takes about 1,5 to 2 months to do the complete preparatory work and about 4 weeks to install everything on location – which means that the entire project should be completed before mid-summer. Unfortunately, it seems a certain pandemic called ‘Covid-19’ doesn’t want us to travel to Poland this spring and therefore we have to postpone our work in the factory in the south of Poland. A real disappointment, but we will do everything we can to install the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A nice end to the summer

At the end of May, it is finally possible for us to go to Poland to assemble the complete installation. We are going to install a system that makes it possible to transport cowhides from 1 central point to different sections of the leather factory. This is how it works: an employee of the leather factory enters the correct weight and batch number on a computer, after which the hide enters a liming drum. In this drum the hide will be processed, which takes about 1 day. After that, the hide will be completely de-fleshed and split. Later on, it will be transported again to a tanning drum. ‘’It’s a completely different project than, for example, overhauling a sawing machine. There’s a lot of diversity in our work and that’s why we love the job,’’ says Ronald Dankers, owner at Rodatech.

Mobile operations center

A mobile operations center – what do you mean? ‘’It is literally a sea container which we have converted into a workplace,’’ Ronald answers when asked about how he and his team were able to make adjustments to the system at the moment they were in Poland. ‘’We have got a lot of tools, spare parts and other useful items stored in it, which allows us to always work in an efficient way. As I said before – at Rodatech, we think in terms of solutions instead of problems.’’